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hadowbox, Flag and Memory Case Framing: Shadowboxing can be used for many different items that need depth.

Items we have shadowboxed are: arrow heads, watches, war metals, coins, hats, dresses, sports items, eye glasses, wood carvings, jewelry etc.

The techniques we use for mounting are designed to be reversible and without damage to the item. We carry the stackable Framerica brand mouldings that give us the ability to frame 3D items like golf clubs, baseball bats, and guitars.

The flag cases we carry are chosen by the United States Military for the families of our fallen heroes serving in the Armed Forces. Size of flag cases are 22 1/4" X 11" X 3 1/8" for a 5 X 9 1/2 burial flag.

Finishes available are Heirloom Walnut, Cherry and Oak. Some flag cases come with the Great Seal of the United States of America on beveled glass and have pedestal urns under them.


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