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  e use two of the top of the line mat board manufacturers in the industry, Bainbridge and Crescent mat boards.

Acid Free Matting: We use only acid free matting for preservations of the work we frame. Acid free mat boards will not stain your art work. This board is made from rag which is cotton or bleached and neutralized wood pulp and the color will not fade.

Fabric Mats: Fabric mats in most cases are made from the real fabric such as silk, linen, grass cloth, and rice paper. Our suede and leather mats are simulated.

Black Core Mats: Black core matting is a mat with a black center, so after the matting is cut, a thin line of black appears at the bevel cut. This matting comes in many colors also.

Textured Mats: Textured mats range from having designs on them like, parchment, marble, filigree, herringbone, leaf patterns and many more.

Metallic Mats: Metallic mats are mats with a foil covering on the top, which comes in gold, silver, bronze, copper, and marbleized metallic finishes.

Our Wizard Mat Cutter has the latest in mat cutting technology. With a computerized mat cutter, we can be accurate and offer a variety of special designs and cuts. We have the ability to cut many different shapes and designs including ovals, rounds, remarque, newspaper, notch, southwestern, rounded corners, cathedrals, v-grooves, stars, hearts and many more.

filet looks like a small frame that is inside the frame attached to the inside opening of the mat. Filets come in as many different styles.


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