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or your keepsakes and for investment artwork we offer conservation framing.

All matting is acid free and in most cases, we use acid free photo corners to hinge artwork to the mounting board, and filmoplast when corners can not be used. The mounting board is a high quality backer to assure discoloration and browning will not occur.












hy is my artwork rippling? It needs to be dry mounted. Dry mounting is a process used to bond a piece of paper art so that the artwork does not ripple inside the framing. Most posters, photos and inexpensive prints should be permanently dry mounted and should not be rippling.

What causes the problem? Paper absorbs and releases moisture in different times in the year, and different weather conditions. Paper art will ripple during high humid summer months and relax in the dry winter months. All dry mounting is done on high quality foam board (not chip or mat board).

Dry mounting is a must for all open edition prints (not investment print) especially when high humidity is present in a home. A dry mounted print can be hung just about anywhere.

So what can be done about the rippling of original artwork? Unfortunately, very little can be done. To preserve your artwork properly, you have to live with a little rippling.

Keep artwork from drafty windows, humid bathrooms, over fireplaces and where extreme sunlight may stream through a window and pound on your artwork. Hanging on inside walls rather than an exterior wall that may be drafty or humid, can be helpful.


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